POOJA HEGDE Ready with BIKINI PHOTOS TREAT on Beach Vacay 💥👩👩💥

Pooja Hegde, who is presently appearing alongside Vijay in Beast, has been seen in a number of telugu blockbusters. Sh e sent a statement regarding her body care in this situation, stating that she spends the majority of her time working out at the gym. “She stated,”I am a vegetarian who also consumes a variety of healthful meals. Importantly, I go to the gym and lift a lot of weights.

Rather of doing rigorous exercises, I always prefer to do more Pilates.” pooja hegde, who attends Pilates classes in mumbai and hyderabad on a regular basis, claims she also practises yoga on occasion and has divulged the secret to her attractiveness. Recently, the actress came to chennai and due to torrential downpour and flooded waters, the shooting was cancelled and pooja returned back to mumbai without a single day of shooting.

Now, the actress confirmed through her instagram story post that she is flying to maldives for a vacation and this has enthralled her fans as she is expected to share lots of Bikini Photos on her beach vacation. This is the first time, pooja hegde is going on a beach vacation and we are expecting some sequence of bikini photos in this holiday time and we are sure to explore more of her hotness quotient in the coming days.


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