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Thursday, December 2, 2021

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inIn a world with constant app updates and the growing need to simplify life the OSU
App Center taps into a fountain of progressive thinking for OSU’s campus. The annual
App competition helps develop, promote and build new ideas to improve the world.

This year’s categories were health apps that will improve the health of people in
Oklahoma and beyond, social, cultural and environmental issues, and research apps
using scientific knowledge to solve problems.

β€œThis year’s app competition was very special as this was our 10th app competition,” said Jai Rajendran,manager of the OSU App Center, β€œThis is a significant milestone for us.”

Total cash awards of $5000 attracted 59 app ideas with 53 participants fueling the
competition in its first stage. The top 10 of the first stage moved on to round two
to vie for the top five awards.

β€œI was impressed with the number and diversity of great mobile app ideas that were
submitted this year,”said one of the confidential judges. β€œIt shows the strength of
OSU’s research and extension capabilities, along with OSU staff and students’ insights
to bring knowledge, innovation, and benefits to customers through a mobile device.”

The categories the finalists covered were broad β€” from building code calculators and
Oklahoma bird identification systems to safety equipment selection.

For many, identifying a need is simple; but presenting and pitching an idea to a panel
of judges is daunting.

β€œWhile I have given many presentations, I’ve never done a pitch before and it was
a little bit intimidating,” said Brenda Sanders, one of the app developers.

The app center competition is important to Cowboy Innovation. It is the opportunity
for students to take a leap in their creativity and voice,” Miles said. The competition
gives developers a starting line to have faith in their ideas and to be bold in presenting
them. We consistently receive entries that truly understand the need for specialized

Through a series of presentations the top 5 apps were chosen in November.

OSU Horticulture earned 1st place with Oklahoma Landscape, an app to help landscape
enthusiasts β€” from the weekend gardener to master gardener.

β€œThe App Center is looking forward to working with the Oklahoma Landscape Plant app
team to design and develop their app idea,” said Jai Rajendran, App Center Manager.

The winning team will also receive design help from The App Center. Many of the contests’
app developers said -he questions the panel raised were invaluable and would help
them as they move forward.

Second place in app design was Extra Credit designed by OSU student Sarah Hileman.
Extra Credit was born from a student’s personal need for tracking and sharing academic
needs in list format.

β€œI found that not only myself but other students would benefit from an app that would
organize books and supplies or even lab and research needs and somehow link those
needs to academia contacts or even family who are able to help financially,” Hileman

Safety Net, PPE, and Building Codes Calculator, rounded out the awards. Taking the
lead in the social issues, Safety Net provides a security option for domestic abuse
victims. Building Codes Calculator established a method to identify necessary codes
from construction to inspection. PPE or Personal Protective Equipment also identified
a need for safety by identifying specific protective equipment for specific job sites.

These apps could all go on to contribute to a large part of the U.S. economy.

For the numbers’ people in the room, a report conducted in 2018 by Deloitte, The App
Economy in the US Report Act and app development in the US, β€œthe app economy represents
$568.47 billion β€” nearly 30 times the value of movie ticket sales in North America.

The opportunities to be creative and fulfill a need are really endless,” Sanders said.
β€œI would highly recommend anyone interested in developing an app to enter the competition
and look forward to working with the crew at the App Center.”

To submit your idea for the 2022 App Center competition please visit appcenter.okstate.edu.

OSU App Center competition helps build new ideas – Oklahoma State University

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