Lizbeth Rodríguez in sexy bikini shares her favorite food 💥👩👩💥

Lizbeth Rodríguez wearing a swimsuit shares her favorite food | Instagram

The controversial youtuber and host Lizbeth Rodríguez shared several photos recently, where she delighted her fans thanks to her new content because she was wearing a flirty Swimwear two-piece, this while delighting your palate with your favorite food.

This young woman originally from Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico is loved and adored by millions, however, she is also repudiated by a certain segment of Internet users who do not think the type of content she has been sharing is good at all, since they affirm that she only wants to call the attention.

We constantly come across content where Lizbeth Rodriguez She is wearing tiny clothes or swimsuits while posing, in her videos we continually see her dancing very flirtatious.

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There were five photographs that he published five hours ago, through his official Instagram account, where he is wearing a two-piece swimsuit in gold and eating a slice of pizza.

Lizbeth Rodríguez wearing a swimsuit shares her favorite food | Instagram lizbethrodriguezoficial

My thing is mine is pizza, what is your favorite food? “, Commented Lizbeth Rodríguez.

In the last photo she appears posing next to her son Eros, who accompanies her on any of her trips, she is not separated from her beloved son.

The publication already has 142,346 red hearts and 666 comments in total, many of them delighted with the images from the garden with the pool nearby, apparently the youtuber had little that she had bathed because her hair looked a bit wet.


When you hear the name of Lizbeth Rodríguez, you could immediately think of two situations, she checking your cell phone or exposing anyone else, including famous people.

The former Badabun girl quickly became a trend since she started working for said company, her popularity grew like foam thanks to the program of exposing infidels.

However, one of the strongest conflicts he had thanks to said program and his own popularity as a youtuber was when Juan de Dios Pantoja was allegedly exposed to one of the biggest influencers in Mexico with his wife Kimberly Loaiza.

The conflict started in 2019 and by 2020 Lizbeth Rodriguez She shared her departure from the company, since then she decided to become an entrepreneur with her own company, in addition to continuing to check cell phones and continue to be controversial.

Later she began to be invited to several television programs, she even became very good friends with Laura Bozzo, due to the fact that they participated together in a program.

Lizbeth Rodríguez in sexy bikini shares her favorite food

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