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Alex Cambronero wins Classic Physique at the 2021 Hurricane Pro.

The Classic Physique division headlined the 2021 Hurricane Pro and it was Alex Cambronero who took home the title. This event saw many elite competitors gather to the Coliseum in St. Petersburg, FL to put on a strong show. This is one of the competitions where athletes looked to get back on stage post-Olympia hoping to build on some momentum.

Cambroneroheadlined Classic Physique as one of the best competitors in the show. Cambronero is the 2020 Arnold Classic champion and finished second in this year’s show. Cambronero is going off a sixth-place finish at the Olympia just three weeks ago. Cambronero headlined competitors from all divisions across the sport of bodybuilding.

This includes Lauren Dannenmiller, who earned a top-10 finish at the Olympia. The Bikini division was the largest at the show and Dannenmiller put on an impressive performance. Jourdanne Lee was also back on stage after making an appearance in Orlando.

The Men’s Physique and Figure divisions also featured some talent to watch. Autumn Cleveland and Sandra Grajales were some of the competitors to watch in Figure heading into the competition. The Hurricane Pro was a chance for athletes to get back on stage quickly following the Olympia.

There were a total of 10 divisions at the Hurricane Pro looking to take home prizes. The full results have been announced. Check out the full breakdown from the event below!

2021 Hurricane Pro: All Division Winners

  • Classic Physique: Alex Cambronero
  • Classic Physique Masters 40+: Tim Tevin
  • Men’s Physique: Daniel Ammons
  • Men’s Physique Masters 40+: Alex Woodson
  • Figure: Maria Luisa Diaz
  • Figure Masters 40+: Corrie Morales
  • Bikini: Jourdanne Lee
  • Bikini Masters 40+: Angela Ruscilli
  • Bikini Masters 50+: Angela Ruscilli
  • Bikini Masters 60+: Karen Small

2021 Hurricane Pro Breakdown

Classic Physique

  • First Place – Alex Cambronero
  • Second Place – Jordan Plantiko
  • Third Place – Runben Stouth
  • Fourth Place – Tyler Johnson
  • Fifth Place – Paul Kanu
  • Sixth Place – Jay Warren

Classic Physique Masters 40+

  • First Place – Tim Tevin
  • Second Place – Jim Holcomb

Men’s Physique

  • First Place – Daniel Ammons
  • Second Place – Alex Woodson
  • Third Place – Yasser Fernando Chala Blandon
  • Fourth Place – Benquil Marigny
  • Fifth Place – Xiaolong Hong
  • Sixth Place – Deke Walker

Men’s Physique Masters 40+

  • First Place – Alex Woodson
  • Second Place – Peter Burnett
  • Third Place – James Johnson
  • Fourth Place – Josh Cooperman
  • Fifth Place – Andre Anderson
  • Sixth Place – Jeffrey Cording


  • First Place – Maria Luisa Diaz
  • Second Place – Sandra Grajales
  • Third Place – Martina Yabekova
  • Fourth Place – Autumn Cleveland
  • Fifth Place – Maryam Bamdad
  • Sixth Place – Danielle Rose

Figure Masters 40+

  • First Place – Corrie Morales
  • Second Place – Lisa Vigliotti
  • Third Place – Bree Marsh
  • Fourth Place – Jessica Bowman
  • Fifth Place – Lisa Horrigan


  • First Place – Jourdanne Lee
  • Second Place – Maria Julia da Silva de Lemos
  • Third Place – Lauren Dannenmiller
  • Fourth Place – Jessica Nicole Dollas
  • Fifth Place – Theresa Miller
  • Sixth Place – Maria Eugenia Vegas

Bikini Masters 40+

  • First Place – Angela Ruscilli
  • Second Place – Gina Sardina
  • Third Place – Belen Altamirano
  • Fourth Place – Myra Colcord
  • Fifth Place – Laura Tarbell
  • Sixth Place – Marcela Loaiza

Bikini Masters 50+

  • First Place – Angela Ruscilli
  • Second Place – Robin Graves
  • Third Place – Elizabeth Stanton
  • Fourth Place – Trisha Vonstetina
  • Fifth Place – Pamela John
  • Sixth Place – Veronica Slmon

Bikini Masters 60+

  • First Place – Karen Small
  • Second Place – Karen Robinson
  • Third Place – Laurie Dratch
  • Fourth Place – Helen Fritsch

Official Score Cards

Generation Iron wishes to congratulate all the great athletes who earned a win at the 2021 Hurricane Pro. Make sure to check out our full IFBB Pro results page from this year and previous years right here to catch up on any action you may have missed!

2021 Hurricane Pro Results

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