Kristin Cavallari faces backlash in only bikini bottoms 💥👩👩💥

Kristin Cavallari couldn’t keep the haters away as she hung out poolside and wearing only a skimpy pair of bikini bottoms. The 34-year-old MTV alum and Uncommon James founder, this year slammed for promoting “tan lines” while in swimwear, managed to get the trolls out in a recent Instagram share, one showing her flaunting her killer body and seemingly only needing half of her two-piece.

Posting for her 4.1 million followers, “The Hills” star stood back to the camera and overlooking a serene and plant-lined swimming pool, with the vacay vibes strong as she wrote: “Freedom. It feels really damn good.”

Kristin Cavallari Poses Topless Poolside

Scroll for the photo. It comes as Kristin continues to make headlines for her 2020 split from ex-husband Jay Cutler, plus the expansion of her Uncommon empire – 2021 has brought the launch of Uncommon Beauty.

Proving she’s easy on the eye and knows the art of Instagram engagement, the blonde posed all legs while in string-tied bikini bottoms as she overlooked the lush pool and a distant ocean horizon. Holding both hands up to her head, Cavallari stood barefoot – it looks like her fans were looking higher up, though.

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While many of Kristin’s followers dug the snap – “Woman crush errrday,” one wrote – others seemed to think the topless posing was attention-seeking.

“Your kids are where? Why are you posing topless for social media?” one user asked. “So, which part feels good,” another wrote, adding: “Being away from your kids or topless and having someone photograph your butt so you can post it online. Seems really, as you put it.” The user seemed unaware that Kristin regularly updates with kids Camden, Saylor, and Jaxon, although she comes with a reputation for hiding their faces.

Also lashing out was a fan asking “who makes sure all of Kristin’s life is flaunted everywhere…Freedom to indulge her lavish lifestyle, freedom to parade herself?” Seeming out to get the star was a separate user calling her “self-absorbed.”

Kristin was, however, backed by many. One fan told her to “stay free,” with another telling her she’s never “looked better.” The slender star is also fresh from opening up on how she looks so food, and it isn’t rabbit food she’s eating.

“I try to follow like an 80, 20 lifestyle, and 80% is eating really healthy. The 20% is when I’m traveling or when I go out to dinner. I eat bread; I drink alcohol. I do all of that stuff. You know, I have a lot of desserts. That keeps me sane, and it makes me then want to get back on track,” she recently told Forbes.

Kristin Cavallari faces backlash in only bikini bottoms

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